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Here at Wonderland Daycare we strive to recognize each child’s unique personalities and special qualities. We believe that children must be nurtured in a warm, happy and safe environment where every child feels comfortable, relaxed and secure. This environment provides an enriched learning atmosphere that will challenge the child’s insatiable desire to explore, discuss, discover and create. We provide a curriculum that allows children to have freedom of choice and offers them a program with a wide variety of opportunities, materials and appropriate interactions for each stage of their development which in turn enlarges each child’s physical, cognitive, language and social/emotional skills.

A daily program presents a well-planned and reasonable series of activities and events for your child and allows for individual as well as small group play. There are both active and quiet periods during the day. A lot of materials are available for children, and children are liberated to handle, discover, move and work with these materials.
Our daily program includes children interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication with peers and teachers, daily discussions concerning children’s actions and our changing theme based program surrounding our calendar, weather watcher, letter of the day, jolly phonics, etc. Our qualified staff encourage children’s verbal as well as non-verbal communication through joining in their play as well as hands on exploration through many materials such as books, puppets, and songs. Field trips and special events set off our programming.