Our Philosophy

Our Mission

At Wonderland Day Care our goal is to provide quality care for all children. We want to promote trust, acceptance and self-respect for our students, staff and community.

Program Philosophy

At Wonderland Day Care we believe that every child has the right to experience high quality care.
We acknowledge that children are individuals who grow and learn at a different pace. Our staff provide a warm and secure environment and will facilitate your child’s new and interesting experiences through a curriculum that will cover all areas of child development. Through family, community support and guidance we will promote experiences that will encourage a positive sense of self and the environment around them. Here at wonderland, we also believe Inclusive child care can be beneficial, both for the child with a special need and for the other children in the inclusion classroom. Some of the benefits of inclusive child care for children with special needs include:

  • Chances to learn by observing and interacting with other children of similar ages.
  • Time and support to build relationships with other children.
  • Chances to practice social skills in real-world situations.
  • Exposure to a wider variety of challenging activities.
  • Opportunities to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment.
  • Chances to build relationships with caring adults other than parents.