Wonderland Daycare in Kleinburg

The Wonderland Daycare in Kleinburg will alleviate any concerns that you have about where to leave your child during the day. Our team members in the area focus on providing your child with the right amount of nurturing and support so that they’re comfortable and happy. Our location in Kleinburg is well lit, inviting, and most importantly, kid friendly.

At our daycare in Kleinburg, we offer four different daycare programs.


In our infant program, we make the environment comfortable for your child by drawing similarities to home life. By doing this, we create a strong relationship between the caregiver and the child, making your child feel safe and secure at daycare. We focus a lot on non-verbal communication with infants, as well as basic introductory language.


As kids develop into their toddler years, it’s important to encourage them to build a sense of independence. We achieve this through several different methods, such as specific activities, group work, and communication skills


In our preschool program, our focus is to help children make the transition from daycare to school. We put an added emphasis on fun learning, with subjects including numbers, the alphabet, colours and more.


In our kindergarten program, we take children into more of a deep dive into our learning curriculum. At this stage, children are ready for a more diverse range of topics, which continues their development and is a starting point for elementary education.