King City

Wonderland Daycare in King City

Have you been searching for a daycare in King City? Wonderland Daycare is here for you, offering a safe and caring environment that you child will love.

Wonderland Daycare takes an individualized approach to daycare, giving your child unique attention based on their development level. We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

We design our programs with the goal of promoting physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social growth at the forefront. Through our program, your child will have daily opportunities to explore and discover. We will also teach your child the importance of self respect, decision-making, social skills, and building relationships.

Why Choose Our King City Daycare

Our Daycare in King City offers a bright and clean space, with friendly staff ready to care for and look after your child. The dedicated team at our King City location will provide development activities for children attending, and ensure that they’re enjoying themselves.

At our daycare in King City, we offer four different daycare programs:


In our infant program, we do our best to incorporate your routines from home. We believe it is essential to build a strong relationship between the caretaker and the child, and additionally the caretaker and the family. At the forefront of developing that relationship is communication. We individualize everything that we do for your child, giving them the care and attention that they need. In our infant program, we put a strong focus on language and non-verbal communication


For our toddler daycare program, we put a focus on developing your child’s independence. We base our activities on interaction and groups, allowing your child to practice important communication skills. We enjoy using singing, dancing, and reading activities on a daily basis to assist with language development and basic motor skills


In our preschool program, we encourage children to use problem-solving skills, and expand their learning abilities. Our goal is to make children enjoy learning, making things like numbers, the alphabet, and colors more fun. We also work on things like telling time, simple science activities, and word pronunciation. After all, we want your child to be prepared for school when the time comes.


In kindergarten, the focus expands to a more complete curriculum. We spend time on different educational topics such as language, mathematics, geography, history, music, creativity, circle time, and physical education.