Wonderland Daycare in Concord

Looking for a daycare for your child in the Concord area? Wonderland Daycare provides exceptional care and attention to all children through our dedicated team of staff.

Wonderland Daycare takes an individualized approach to daycare, giving your child unique attention based on their development level. We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

aWe design our programs with the goal of promoting physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social growth at the forefront. Through our program, your child will have daily opportunities to explore and discover. We will also teach your child the importance of self respect, decision-making, social skills, and building relationships. So if you’re in the Concord area, Wonderland Daycare is the right place for you.

Why Choose Our Concord Daycare

At our daycare in Concord Ontario, we offer four different daycare programs.

At our daycare in King City, we offer four different daycare programs:


For children in our infant program, we like to focus on incorporating routines from home. At Wonderland Daycare, we do our best to build a triangle relationship between the caregiver, the child, and the home. We develop that relationship through strong communication and care for your child. We put an emphasis on ensuring your child’s experience is unique and individualized. With infants in our daycare, we use non-verbal communication and focus on building language skills.


As kids grow into their years of being a toddler, it’s important to focus more on building their independence. To do this, we tailor our activities to focus more on group interaction and communication skills. We attempt to make learning more enjoyable for kids at this stage by using singing, dancing, and reading activities.


Our biggest goal in our preschool program and to help children take the step from daycare to school. Similar to our toddler program, we focus a lot on fun learning, making things like numbers, the alphabet, and colours more enjoyable. We also work on a number of other subjects, because after all, we want your child to be prepared for school when the time comes.


Think of preschool like getting ready to ride a bike, and kindergarten like actually riding the bike, but with training wheels. We incorporate a more complete curriculum to get them ready for school material, such as language, mathematics, geography, history, music, creativity, circle time, and physical education.