Please be advised that starting July 2013 Wonderland Daycare is going to increase the childcare fee rates to the following.

gold-pigInfants Program: $1,500/ a month

Toddler Program: $1,350/ a month

Pre-school and Kindergarten Program: $1,200/ a month.

Part time: $800/ a month

All extra-curricular activities are $65 per activity a month. A post-dated cheque for three (3) months is required starting June 2013.
Cameras are going to cost $20/ a month starting in July.

  • Returned cheques will be charged a $50 fee per cheque.
  • Unpaid daycare fees upon the return of a cheque, your child will not be permitted to come to the centre until his fees are paid.
  • Late fee after 7 p.m. is $1 a minute.
  • Transportation: $250 two way pickup.  $200 one way pickup.
  • Supplies payment $50 a year.
  • Vacation is given after 6 months attendance in the childcare. Each family gets a 2 week vacation grace period that does not need to get paid ONLY AFTER A 4 WEEK NOTICE. Sick days are not counted towards vacation period.

In case you would like to withdrawal your child, you will need to provide us with a 4 week notice